Q: What will happen on my first appointment?

A: Expect a 1 to 1 session with a specialized physical therapist. They will ask you an array of questions regarding your training goals, current pain or disfunction, your training and injury history. From there the therapist will likely assess your movement and strength and develop a plan to meet your goals. Be prepared to work! We like to get you going as soon as we can

Q: What is performance therapy?

A: Performance therapy is an emerging term that is being used by specialized sports physical therapist. Performance therapy is more than physical therapy, it considers you the athlete and the importance of supporting training goals while working through injury. Performance therapy is a statement that your physical therapist is experienced and has additional qualification in fields such as strength and conditioning coaching. This enables them to operate beyond physical therapy in injury prevention and performance training.

Q: What does an out of network provider mean and how does it work with my insurance?

A: An important question and one that can be difficult to fully answer. Kick Performance Therapy acts as an out of network provider for physical therapy services. We believe this is the only way to provide the best service for the active community. Insurance providers may refund a percentage after payment which can be usually claimed by submitting a ‘superbill’ (which can be provided by Kick upon request). All policies vary, please contact your insurance provider for more information.

Q: Why choose Kick Performance Therapy:

A: We are highly specialized and experienced to serve the active community. Not all physical therapy is the same. We pride ourselves on providing you with the most current and evidence-based approaches. We look to empower and educate our clients and set you up, so you do not need to be seen x2/3 a week as traditional clinics do. You will not be passed on to a care extended, all your rehab will be managed by specialized and experienced physical therapists who are also qualified strength and conditioning coaches. We choose to operate in this fashion because we care about the quality of service we provide. We believe that true sports physical therapy is aiming to load an athlete at the same intensity as their training, with the expertise in grading load appropriately for injured tissue.