Performance therapy is much more than physical therapy. It considers you as the athlete, looking to improve movement and sport specific qualities to enhance performance.

Nathan Evans MSPT, CSCS, Xps. Owner of
Kick Performance Therapy.

‘An injury should be a consideration not a limitation in achieving your goal.’

I moved to Portland Oregon in 2017 to continue my career in physical therapy having spent over a decade in the field in the UK. I have been very fortunate to have worked with various professional clubs and athletes in rugby, soccer and ballet. I have also worked with the military and a diverse caseload of recreational athletes. I am excited to continue this work under Kick Performance Therapy.

Performance therapy is a unique service that combines physical therapy, sports science, strength and conditioning, and performance coaching. It aims to provide a comprehensive approach to optimize performance and improve athletic abilities beyond the confines of a traditional clinic or gym setting.

An injury should be a consideration not a limitation to reaching your goal. I see an injury is an opportunity to put in the specialized work that is normally limited by training or competition.

I started Kick Performance Therapy because I saw a better way to support the athletic community. A service that takes the time to plan and study the details that helps the athlete achieve their goal.

‘I have seen Nathan for multiple injuries as continue to play soccer into my 40s. He has always listened and given clear and concise instruction. I have been surprised by how well I have responded and how quickly I have been able to feel 100%

Ciaran Murphy