How the Women’s World Cup Raised the ACL Discussion Again.

During the Women’s Soccer World Cup currently being held in Australia and New Zealand, the world’s media revisited a topic that many of us physical therapists specialized in this area have become exhausted with.  How to reduce ACL injuries with the female athlete. The reason why this topic has reached world media outlets is becauseContinue reading “How the Women’s World Cup Raised the ACL Discussion Again.”

The Untapped Potential of Performance Monitoring. The Counter Movement Jump 

For many of us we spend hours in the gym or on the field each week in the hope that we are getting better at our chosen pursuit. However, we are not robots, and many internal and external factors can mean that a great training program is not always great for us. I have at least 3 personal stories IContinue reading “The Untapped Potential of Performance Monitoring. The Counter Movement Jump “

Sports Physical Therapy Must Evolve!

If you are looking for physical therapy with the ultimate goal of returning to sport, you don’t have to look too far to find multiple clinics claiming to offer sports physical therapy services. But what does that mean? And is that individual or clinic adequately skilled to offer that service? I will let you makeContinue reading “Sports Physical Therapy Must Evolve!”

Managing the Off-season

For many recreational leagues in Oregon the winter brings the off-season and with that comes many opportunities and threats for participating in sport in 2023. The opportunities are that with no weekend competitive sport and potentially mid-week training, you now have the time and physical capacity to put it the specialized work for next season.Continue reading “Managing the Off-season”